Covid-19 Face Shield

VYKAN has developed a PPE face shield to help our front line workers fight against the spread of Covid-19

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Waterjet Cutting Service

VYKAN is a full service waterjet cutting supplier. We offer our customers a variety of before and after cutting services to help support our clients. Meaning our team can help in file creation, set up, finishing methods and most importantly fast turnaround times on your projects.

Delivery Across the GTA

Based in Niagara on the Lake Ontario, VYKAN has clients that use our waterjet cutting  from across North America. We have created a strong reputation in Southern Ontario where we have been delivering parts since 2017. We can supply delivery and service across the Greater Toronto Area.

Professional Maker Space

Along with being a respected business in the manufacturing community we also believe that offering support to our local youth is important. We offer support to the next generation through teaching, and supplying non for profits with space to create and parts to build!



Waterjet Cutting

Waterjet cutting is one of the most versatile cutting methods on the planet! Versatility means that this technology can take any material and create any shape. The below gallery shows some of the range of parts that can be cut using a CNC waterjet service.

Making Components

From metals to plastics we offer the ability to waterjet cut custom components for all of our clients. Ranging from hard materials like stainless steel all the way to soft materials like foam, waterjets can cut any material, anytime.

We Can Create a File for your Part!

At Vykan We understand that getting your project into the proper file format and cut ready can be hard. We a offering our customers a way to make sure this is not a problem! Our drafters and designers have the experience and we are able to convert DXF or CAD files.

These formats allow us to get accurate quotes as well as a great final product. No matter what you have even if its a sketch on cardboard, we will make it work!

Waterjet and Different Materials

Waterjet’s work with a variety of different materials on any given day. Products range from delicate materials like glass, all the way to heavy duty industrial materials like 4 inch thick plate steel. If you are interested in using water jet as a potential solution, let us show you if this amazing technology makes sense for your business.

We stock a variety of different materials to help our customers on a regular basis, ranging from different gauges of: copper, stainless steel, aluminum, poly carbonates, plastics, steel, and different metals. Need help choosing the right material? We will gladly recommend and supply whatever you need, leads times will vary.

Why Use Waterjet?

Waterjet CNC services have been around for many years! The ability to use our software and the power of high pressure water and abrasives gives strength and accuracy unmatched by competitors.

This technology is a cold cutting process. This means cold streams of water are used to cut all materials. With waterjet we are eliminating heat distortion and keeping edges smooth. Set ups for straight cutting jobs are usually easier for waterjets vs. traditional machining options, let us quote your project to see if waterjet can save you time and money.

Waterjet in the Community

Niagara Robotics

VYKAN is home to Niagara Robotics, a community program that allows highschool students the opportunity to participate is FIRST Robotics Competitions.

These students learn aspects of design, build and programming within the walls of VYKAN.

Waterjet cutting plays a huge roll in not only the actual parts on the robot but also the designing and engineering from start to finish.

To learn more about Niagara robotics please visit the website below

Community Maker Space

VYKAN is actively involved in developing the next generation of our industry.  We understand the value and importance of teaching trades in Ontario.

Community Engineering programs we support:

Part Supplier

VYKAN is proud to support these two community engineering programs. Both of these team promote STEM principals at their highest levels. We supply parts from various materials assisting these student engineers.