Every Part has a Profile Get Yours Started Right with Vykan

Every part has specs and you need to meet them. Profile cutting is the first step in crafting your raw material into a useable part. If you need a company that specializes in cutting raw materials you are in the right place. Find the right cutting partner and never worry about leaving time or money on the table!

Profile Cutting

Waterjet & Plasma cutting are two of the most versatile cutting methods on the planet! Versatility means that you have a collection of technology at your fingertips to make the right decision for your business. Different  cutting methods can cut parts using both hot and cold methods, giving you the ability to get the best cut based on variables like edge quality, cutting temperature, tolerances and more. At the core of making the right selection is making sure to take the time to review all of your jobs with care, this gives the best results with every part.

Making Components

From metals to plastics we offer the ability to waterjet cut custom components for all of our clients. Ranging from hard materials like stainless steel all the way to soft materials like foam, waterjets can cut any material, anytime.

Cut Hard Materials

Cut Soft Materials

Custom Art & Signage

Value Added Services

Adding services within the walls of one machine shop helps to add value. We are constantly striving to add machinery and skilled trades that help our clients keep everything on one order.

Bending Plastic and Metal

Stud Welding

Design and Build