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Memphis Cadeau is the co-owner of Hamilton's Grim City Tattoo Club. The shop announced on Tuesday it is offering free laser removal of racist tattoos, human trafficking tattoos and similar imagery.

Late in October of 2018, we received a call from a frustrated soon to be client about a project that they were looking to get done ASAP. The caller was Memphis Cadeau, one of the owners of Canada’s largest tattoo shop, Grim City Tattoo Club.

She was frustrated  because she was having trouble finding a Waterjet shop that could help her with a project for her new location. The project was a little complicated but it was one that we were excited to take on. Their tattoo shop has a very cool, but complicated cicada logo (yes the giant bug that sheds its skin!). Other Waterjet shops that she had talked with were having difficulties opening and converting her image to a cut ready file.

The challenge of this project fell directly on customer service, communication and a skilled designer to help make the vision into a reality. The issue with this file, and most files that we deal with are two fold. This first thing is the format, files need to be converted to DXF or CAD files before we can transfer them to our machines software. The second problem is the challenge of making the image into a stencil, so there is little to no detail lost.

To explain this a good example would be to cut the number ‘0’, without a proper stencil the centre of the ‘0’ would be lost meaning you would have a circle without the inside line.

Once the file was finalised after some back and forth, we were ready to cut! Placing the 1/4 inch thick steel on our Waterjet table our CNC cutting machine carefully cut all of the detail of the intricate design.

When finished the sign was removed from the table and then carefully rusted over a weeks time to give the rusted look that was desired.

The logo and name sign that were made are now hanging in the shop located @ 196 Parkdale Ave N, Hamilton, for more info on Grim City check out their website

Interior Sign with Black light at reception

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