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This Season Vykan offered up FREE waterjet cutting for all Ontario District Teams competing in FIRST Robotics Competitions. We offered the ability for teams to gain up to 500 free inches of cutting (length varies with material). We were happy to have a number of different teams take us up on our offer and we are happy to show off some of the amazing robots and their accomplishments.

Discover the Advantages of Waterjet

Waterjet Technology has started to find its way into the manufacturing of robotics in recent years. Vykan is a Waterjet technology company, dedicated to teaching and supplying the benefits of waterjet cutting to manufacturers and local artisans.


Simbotics 1114

We were happy to work with one of the best robotics programs in the world this year! Simbotics is a program that has consistently been good at FIRST events.

for a very long time. This program breeds winners and shows excellent discipline through everything they do. The program draws from their students at Governor Simcoe high school located in St.Catharines Ont. Simbotics is the only Canadian robotics program awarded into the hall of fame, granting them a automatic birth into the worlds every year.

Simbotics is the most respected team hailing from north of the border, a force every season they compete and set the standard for teams across the globe.

Vykan is proud to sponsor team 1114!

Celt-X 5406

This Hamilton based team was one of the very first teams to take us up on our offer, and we are happy they did. They accomplished the top ranking of 35 teams at the Ryerson Districts and went on to capture the title of district champion.

Their team mentor Brendan connected with us a supplied us with a DXF file to help us make their parts. We look forward to cutting more parts in the near future, great job Celt-X, keep up the good work!

QuickStrike 6978

This rookie team operates out of the Vykan shop sharing some of the resources that we have available to local students. In the teams very first competition at the university of Ryerson they took home a 11th rank in the standings and were selected 8th alliance captain. The team was also awarded the Imagery award for their striking logo incorporation and color scheme.

Last season Niagara Robotics was able to qualify for the provincials through strong finishes at both Ryerson and North Bay's competitions.

The team looks forward to this upcoming 2019 season where there designers hope to again utilize water-jet cutting through the build on the teams new robot!

Make Shift 4039

Through our work with design mentor Matt Alderson we were able to take drawings sent over by team Make Shift to help them build one of the most competitive switch robots in the competition.

This teams spirit and enthusiasm embodies everything that first is all about, they were also one of the most successful teams at the Ryerson event, finishing as a finalist and a Chairman award winner!

Way to go Make Shift on  very successful 2018 season, we look forward to working with you again in 2019!

Robo Devils 5036

The Robo Devils had some real competitive spirit, we loved cutting part for this team and we appreciate the kind words!

"We wanted to thank you for the cutting you did for us. Because of your generosity, our robot is amazing. At our first competition this season we were ranked 5th out of 38 teams. We have another competition coming up this weekend and hope to improve on that." -Lucas Harrsion, Mentor Team 5036

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