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At Vykan we are a team of dedicated professionals that are looking to help you create and manufacture your project.

Born from a need for a customer friendly Watejet service in the Niagara region Vykan was created by three Niagara born and raised residents. Our shop that is located in the heart of the Niagara region (just over the St Catharines Skyway) provides fast quality cutting services to many different types of customers in and around the Niagara/GTA areas. Being a part of the Niagara Industrial community is a very important part of our company. We value the opportunity to be part of the Niagara Industrial Association and to take part in all of the great events that bring the manufacturing community together.

Our buisness model is built of supplying superior service and knowledge to the public about waterjet cutting and the amazing possibilities with this type of machining. We offer servcies in industrial metal fabrication, metal art projects, and parts production.

We cut parts and do projects from many different industries that include: Machine shops, architects, local artists, marine engineering, mechanical engineering, designers, jewelers, and many more!


Our Team

A Winning Team

Ken Giesbrecht -  With Over 25 years of involvement and management in the design, production and manufacturing of industrial original equipment. Complete hands on experience and a full working knowledge of all related aspects from concept, quoting, development, design, sourcing, BOM, purchasing, fabricating, production, to testing and commissioning.

Kevin Erb - A dedicated sales and marketing professional Kevin handles all of the aspects of web development, customer service, and new customer development. His experience in both media and sales give him a unique ability to create engaging content to help bring awareness to the companies efforts in manufacturing and creative arts. Along with Ken, Kevin is also one of the lead mentors @ Niagara Robotics and youth aged program that is operated out of the Vykan Shop.

Dustin Giesbrecht - Our most experienced machine operator, Dustin knows the in's and out's of waterjet cutting and its amazing capabilities. Through his time with Callisto Mechanical he has developed a very wide range of abilities within the machine shop setting. He is also the lead when it comes to graphic manipulation as well as altering and cleaning up customer designs. When you project is ready to be cut Dustin is the man that will get it done!