We Service the GTA

Vykan is proud to operate in the Niagara Region, our Southern Ontario Shop is located along the QEW allowing for easy highway access.

We are offering services and delivery throughout the GTA.

Parts delivered to Hamilton, Oakville, Missisauga, Brampton on a weekly basis.

Call for your free quote and ask for delivery!

Parts Production

Parts production is one of the aspects that our business is built on.

We are able to create custom parts for a number of different industries.

With experience and capabilities we are contracted by manufacturers to create parts that range in small and large productions runs. We take the extra time and effort to make sure that our part will work for the job adding value through additional services that are constantly growing.

Waterjet Jobshop

CNC Waterjet Cutting Services are the fastest growing cutting technology in the world

Let us show you how we take ordinary tap water + pressure + abrasives to cut some of the strongest materials in the world.

Our Machine Shop offers, competitive pricing, unmatched customer service, and high quality cut file preparing services.



Waterjet CNC Services

Get your files ready to be cut on a Waterjet!

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Abrasive Waterjet CNC Services

Abrasive waterjet cutting is a process of using high pressure water (55 000 psi) and specialised abrasives (sand) to allow for strength and tight tolerances in a cold cutting process. This cold cutting process allows for the machine to cut thicker materials without heating up and distorting the final product. Added benefits to this include edges that are NOT heated, this can often lead to less secondary processing.


CNC Cutting Services

Waterjet CNC services have been around for many years, however the top growing CNC machine is Waterjet technology! The ability to use our software and the power of high pressure water and abrasives gives strength.

Combine that with the moving CNC head that gives us superior strength and smooth finish as compared to laser and plasma alternatives


Get Files Cut Ready

At Vykan We understand that getting your project into the proper file format and cut ready, can often be a challenge. We a offering our customers a way to make sure this is not a problem! Our drafters and designers have the experience and we are able to convert DXF or CAD files.

These formats allow us to get accurate quotes as well as a great final product. No matter what you have even if its a sketch on cardboard, we will make it work!

No Job Too Big, No job Too Small

That's right! Big or small we will do them all! Whether you are a small business with one employee and a prototype, or if you work for a large company with hundreds of employees we want to do business with you. We focus of customer service and quick turn around times for EVERYONE.  Never heard of waterjet technology? find out more contact us today!

Cut Anything On a Waterjet

Waterjet Cutting Different Materials

We have range! From work with delicate materials like glass, all the way to heavy duty industrial materials like  4 inch thick plate steel. If you are interested in using water jet as a potential solution, let us show you if this amazing technology makes sense for your business!

Where We Excel

Big or small we will treat you the same, we love teaching people the benefits of waterjet, we also love usisng this technology to help people create better margins and find solutions to their problems. We offer unmatched customer service, we will work with you to make your concept into reality.

Our Clients and Partners