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For you to get a true understanding of Vykan or any other manufacturing facility you must peel away the layers and see the true experience and people that are at the core of the business.

For local family run facilities, the amount of experience and knowledge are often untapped or unknown to people outside of their direct networks. You need to trust the people that are producing the parts and projects that are going to affect the critical building aspects of your project.

We know if you are on our website, you have an important role in your company and you are making important decisions, we want to give you a stress-free way to source what you need.

The team was brought together to combine a unique blend of strengths, skill sets, and manufacturing experience to build synergy in customer service and manufacturing abilities. Servicing large, mid and small level manufacturing customers in a variety of industries that include food and beverage, automotive, aviation, construction to list only a few.

We are partnering with some of the best in CNC machine technology in Messer and Plasma power technology in Hypertherm to make sure we bring you the best in cutting technology. Our unique blend of experience, machine technology, and customer service can help you save on costly design errors and oversights. We offer unique solutions with our in-house capabilities, at the core our waterjet and HD plasma cutting services allow us to offer the right cutting method to our clients.

Keeping to core values, we always offer the most economical options even if it means reduced revenue on individual orders, we want to source you the right quality for the job specs every time.

Our doors are always open to new and interested clients, we love bringing people on our floor to show them how we make things happen. While touring our facility there is a good chance you will bump into one of our team members making things happen.

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Community Youth Manufacturing Partner

Niagara Robotics Youth Manufacturing Team

Shaping the Future of the Industry

Vykan is also home to a community robotics program for youth ages 8-18. Niagara Robotics allows youth within the with region an opportunity to learn STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) through a robotics program participates in FIRST Ontario Competitions.

It is widely regarded that there is a current and ongoing problem with labor shortage in skilled trades. It is the responsibility of every manufacturing company to chip in and open their doors to the next generation. This program is an opportunity for students to engage in all aspects of manufacturing from concept & design, to building and programming students have the opportunity to go to the next level in engineering.


We Encourage any youth that is interested in manufacturing to Visit the link below to find our more information!

Niagara Robotics - Programmed for Excellence