General Terms

  1. Participating teams will receive up to 500" of waterjet cutting on sheet aluminum for FREE
  2. Teams requiring additional cutting will be charged a fee of $0.10 per inch of sheet aluminum cutting
  3.  Each individual piercing is equivalent to 2"
  4. Teams can supply their own material of Vykan will supply 5052 H3 x 0.080 thick aluminum sheet metal at $5.00 per sq. ft.
  5. Vykan will make every effort to supply partnering teams with a speedy turnaround on parts. Final weeks may be busy we will operate of first come first serve basis, order early to guarantee parts on time!
  6. Teams using our FREE offer and encouraged to display Vykan as a team sponsor.
  7. Shipping is NOT included in price, shipping will be calculated using the supplied  address.
  8. Teams must provide clear drawing instructions as outlined below.

2019 Prices for Stocked Aluminium

Please note that we can cut other types of materials, included within our sponsorship offer. We have also cut stainless, plastics, and other materials upon request. (please notes that amount of free inches may increase/decrease depending on materials cutting speed)

inches free
cost/inch after 500"
cost/inch after 250"
cost/inch after 210"
cost/inch after 125"
AL cost/sq foot

Part Drawing Requirements

  • Drawings need to be emailed in 2D .dxf or .dwg format
  • Those using 3D should ‘save as’ or ‘export’ their drawings/cut sheet to .dxf
  • Scaling must be 1:1
  • Multiply parts should be on the same drawing provided they are to be cut out of the same material
  • If there are multiple parts, have each part on separate drawing
  • Only have 1 layer on the drawing/cut sheet
  • No centerlines, center marks, fold lines, etc., only display lines that will be cut do not have duplicate lines on top of each other
  • Dimension one straight line to confirm scaling is 1:1, no other dimensions should be on the drawing
  • Remember that text or logos unless designed as a stencil will have the center unsupported parts cut out e.g. the center of O’ the inside of 8, the inside of b, etc.
  • One option if a team is in need of 2D drafting software, DraftSight Individual is free and works well
  • Substitutions for other thicknesses and materials are not part of this offer but can be quoted separately
  • Vykan will look at converting hand sketches to usable .dxf on an individual basis for a small fee if a team doesn’t have the capabilities to do so, but please treat this as a last resort, it will also delay shipping.



2019 Season

We have already have a number of teams that are taking advantage of our offer. We have been able to turn every order over within 1 week. Please email drawing and questions to, and lets get your teams some waterjet parts!

Gain Capabilities

Having trouble making that perfect part? We can help, by partnering with us our waterjet can help you to get the parts you have always wanted to make but could never access the right tools.

Cut Unique Materials

Waterjet cutting is a COLD cutting process, meaning there is NO heat that is generated by our CNC machine. This helps us cut a wide range of materials for all different types of purposes. Other advantages include tight tolerances and no warping or burnt edges! We are also very smooth when compared to other methods!

Spare Bots, Practice Bots, and Competition Bots

Take advantage of our special partnership offer with your spare and practice bots to help make the ultimate competition bot. Our offer is designed to help teams afford and experiment with Waterjet and cut down on additional machining time saving both time and money.