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We Cut Profiles and Execute Designs for Our Clients

We have the ability to supply and profile cut parts in many different types of alloys. Parts displayed in the gallery below have been cut from different grades of metals in sheet, aluminum, stainless steel, brass, copper and more. Having a solid profile cut is the foundation for a great functional part. We take pride in our quality and tolerances. Keep scrolling down the page and you will see examples of softer materials like glass, rubber, plastics, and more. Find more information about the materials we cut here!

We try to stock and maintain stock for our core materials, we also work closely with some of Ontario’s best suppliers for raw materials.

Profile Cut Hard Materials: Alloys in Steel, Aluminum, Copper, Brass and More!

Hard materials are used in a ton of industrial components as they need the strength and durability to withstand its application.

We have the ability to cut thick or thin using hot and cold methods. This means that we can quickly figure out the best method of cutting with a few easy quick questions.

What is the quality of edge that you need? Do you just need a separation cut, can the part be cut using heat, what are the tolerances needed? These are all important questions in narrowing down the best method for our clients.

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We stock various materials and grades in Steel, Aluminum, Stainless, Copper, Brass, and more!

Soft Materials: Glass, Plastic, Rubber & More

Mainly cut using our waterjet both with and without abrasive. Cutting soft materials is an ideal job for the waterjet as it does not use heat in the cutting process. This means that the edges remain cold when formed staying smooth and often allowing manufacturers to skip the finishing process.

Cut Soft Materials with Waterjet

Cut Glass, Rubber, Plastic, Stone, Tile and more!

Custom Signs for Commercial and Residential Clients!

In addition to precise component production, complex signage and personal projects have become a large part of our business.

We use a number of skilled techniques in cutting, welding, stud welding and finishing to create of some the most appealing eye catching signage out there!

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We do custom projects on commercial and residential work!