High Definition Plasma Cutting

What is Plasma?

Plasma in a technical sense is the fourth state of matter. So, what does that mean? The previous three states of matter are solids, liquids, and gases. Plasma is created when adding heated energy to gas making a conductive gas aka plasma. To give and idea of the power of plasma a good example of in nature would be the phenomenon of lightning. In nature the gases in the air act as the ionization gases and just like in plasma torches there is the natural occurrence of transferring energy.

What Temperature does a Plasma Torch Cut at?

High Definition Plasma CNC Cutting


Plasma Cutting has come a long way in a very short time. When it came time to invest in a new machine HD Plasma was unmatched in quality and speed. HD plasma cutting is one of the most economical and practical ways to get out mid to large production runs fast. The technology of HD Plasma cutting systems has drastically improved over the past 20 years. Cutting systems like the one that is operated on the floor at Vykan can handle volume and detail.

Partnering with Messer & Hypertherm

When looking at HD plasma cutting systems there is one company that sets themselves apart from the rest both in quality and reliability. The Messer name is synonymous with cutting quality globally. Our Messer Metal Master 2.0 packs over 100 years of cutting experience into one machine. Our partnership with Messer and Hypertherm guarantees our customers the best in profile cutting services.

Machine Capabilities:

  • Cutting width from 5′.

  • Cutting length up to 10’.

  • Hypertherm XPR300 Xtreme Definition Plasma System

  • Cuts mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.

  • Positioning speed of 1300 ipm reduces idle time between cuts.

  • Reliable height control via arc-voltage control improves nozzle life and cut quality.

How to get a Quote Started.....


Getting a free no obligations quote for our HD Plasma Cutting services is easy. We require a few key pieces of information.

  • Project Files– We require a .dxf or .dwg files

  • Material- What is the required material? Thickness and grade, would you like us to supply?

  • Quantities– Please state how many parts are required.

  • Time line– please let us know your required turnaround so we can confirm and price accordingly!

Make Sure you Get the Right Cut for Your Part


With most types of parts there is usually a specific type of CNC cutting that is best suited to create this part. Understanding that budgets need to be considered sometimes, edge quality and tolerances can be sacrifices that need to be made to make a project work.

Offering different types of CNC cutting helps us to analyze submitted files and determine the best cutting method. Offering both hot and cold cutting methods with the main considerations become edge quality, heat affected zones, and part tolerances.

Waterjet vs. HD Plasma

Plasma cutting

How They Compare (Pros & Cons)

Waterjet Pros

  • Holds better tolerances of up to 0.030”
  • Has a superior edge quality with little to no dross
  • Has no heat affected zone of the part
  • Can cut a wide variety of materials with little to no set up
  • High hole quality

Waterjet Cons

  • Waterjet is usually the most expensive form of CNC
  • Cutting speeds are much slower

Plasma Pros

  • Most economical option for parts
  • Cutting speed is higher than waterjet
  • Quality of tolerance is still high

Plasma Cons

  • Dross build up on part
  • Not as accurate as waterjet
  • Larger heat affected zone