How It Works


On the fabrication side of what we do, we are able to combine waterjet cutting along with secondary processing for specific parts. Some of our clients require secondary processes that can add value to what we can do for our customer base!

Get Affordable Set Up Fees

At Vykan we understand that added capabilities means value to our customs. a concept that is very important to us.We know that having the ability to take a cardboard drawing and make it into a real functional part can help to bridge the gap from concept to reality.

How We Cut

Our CNC Waterjet Machine uses software that operates with DXF files, these files can be generated on programs like Draft Sight and Solid Works to name a few.

Get an Accurate File

Our Machine works on DXF or CAD files, but we understand that getting a cut ready file can sometimes be a challenge under tight time lines. At Vykan we pride ourselves on our ability to turn drawings into cut ready cut files at an affordable set up fee. Depending on the job size we can have your files ready to go in no time.


Waterjet VS Laser

When is Waterjet cutting the more practical application

Laser and waterjet cutting are often compared due to the fact that they are both effective CNC cutting methods. When comparing both methods do have the pros and cons, but when choosing a method the job you are trying to accomplish should be at the top of mind.

Thickness of Material

When looking to different types of metal materials, waterjet technology is going to be your best bet with metals over a certain thickness. Using very high water pressure mixed with abrasives (sand) allows for the nature process of erosion to speed up thousands of years. When looking in terms of actual size waterjets have no problem cutting up to 4 inches of metal.

Heat Affected Zones

Waterjet doesn't use heat in the process of cutting metal. This means that parts need less secondary finishing. This can prove to be a real time saver for many shops.