Parts Production

Parts Production

Looking to Manufacture Specialized Parts ?

We specialize in creating metal, rubber, wood and plastic parts for other machine shops, manufacturers, designers, and inventors.

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Parts Production

Waterjet cut parts can be very versatile and need very little secondary processing. When looking at manufacturing parts with waterjet machines advantages can be seen with thicker materials, Parts that need smooth edges, as well as metal that can be easily warped when cut with heat.


Steel Parts

We can produce a wide range of metal parts for different types of projects ranging different industries. This specific part was cut from 1/4 inch plate and was used in building our in house tumbling system for stainless steel. With the power of waterjet save time on additional manufacturing by placing holes right in the cutting design.

We can give fast and easy quotes if you can supply us with a file that is compatible with CAD programming.

Avoid any potential up charges in design by supplying us with DXF, DWG, or STEP files

Check out the Metal Fabrication Gallery Here!


Aluminum Parts

Aluminum is one of our favorite materials to work with, we often cut aluminum die to its light weight and durability.

Advantages to cutting Aluminum with waterjet includes no warping, and smooth edges. This type of cutting is a 'cold cutting' process, meaning that we use force and abbrasives (sand) to create strength. By not using heat we can eliminate warping and harsh edges making secondary processing and end use much easier.

The part shown here is a robot part cut for a team competing in a  FIRST Robotics program, an organization Vykan proudly supports!

Cut Thick Metal

Combining 55 000 psi with abrasives means that our CNC machine can handle some tough jobs that require cutting through thick metal.

Our machine is capable of cutting up to 4" thick!

Pictured here is the inside cut out of a over 2 inch wrench that was cut for the maritime engineering industry.

We work on getting our customers what they need with fast turn around!

Not Only Flat Cutting

Pictured here is a sample of a job that was completed for a local machine shop, our client needed a fast turn around on a slot cut into supplied tubing.

Our services include value added, we are able to create jigs to help create parts that are outside of just flat 2D CNC cutting.

If you have a project that needs a little more than just flat cutting contact us today to see if we can help!

Tile cutting

Waterjet machines are very versatile when it comes to cutting different types of tile with unique and detailed designs. Waterjet cutting is a cold cutting process so no heat allows for us to cut tile much like a wet saw, but with the abilities of our CNC programmable software.

We can cut tiles that are used for art projects, special cuts to length, and intricate floor designs used by contractors.

Pictured right is a custom Celtic knot that was cut into a standard sized floor tile.

We are also capable of doing designs that require multiple types of tile fitted together.


 Unique Parts

We are able to create parts for unique jobs across a number of different industries, in the picture to the right you can see a large wrench that was fabricated to work specifically on large marine ships.

Find our more about our metal fabricating services HERE!

Rubber cutting

Waterjet machines are very versatile when it comes to materials, while we do specialize in creating high quality steel and metal parts, we also specialize in other materials

Pictured right is a custom rubber gasket that was made for a client, we can cut all different types of rubber to whatever specs are needed! Don't forget about plastics too!


Unique Materials

We  love when our clients come to us with unique materials, just like this manufacturing client who needed corrugated carbon fiber cut for a specialized project.

We are always willing to test your materials to see if waterjet cutting is the right application for YOUR job!

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is another popular material for cutting in a waterjet machine.

We use a lot of 304 and 316 grade stainless because of its strength, durability, look and function.

Our in house tumbler also allow us to give products a smooth burr free finish.