Metal Fabrication Work

We Take on Tough Metal Fabrication Jobs

Metal Fabrication

Metal fabrication and waterjet cutting go hand and hand. We work with clients from across different industries to help develop their specialized components. Our shop boasts a variety of tools to help us preform different fabrication methods on metal and similar materials. Our team can work with your designs from the quoting process right through to the delivery because that’s what we do! 

Create Fabricated Parts from 2D Profile Cutting

Our capabilities in 2D cutting and the ability to create raw profile parts is a great start for metal fabrication projects. We have experience in fabricating parts with additional machining like bending, counter sinking, and welding. Our in house fabricating capabilities are always growing so we can be a complete solution provider and trusted partner in the community. Find out more about waterjet cutting here!

Let Us Help Your Shops Bottom Line!

Handling Heavy Material

Handling heavy metal materials is not easy, so we take it seriously! We can handle up to 5″ thick in raw material for 2D cutting.  Thick materials don’t scare us in custom  fabrication projects. We have experience in handing heavy materials in unique ways. Creating jigs and set ups for jobs that include cylindrical parts and unique shapes is no problem for our knowledgeable team.

Industry Specific Products

Our ability to work with highly skilled engineers is one of our biggest strengths. We work across a variety of industries because of our versatility. Some of the industries we serve include aerospace, automotive, robotics, and automation to name a few!

Working with Metal and Machine Shops

There are a few reasons why other metal fabrication and machine shops find our services valuable to them. Firstly, we offer machines shops the ability to expand their services and offerings. Our affordable prices allow for enough room to still make the job profitable after our costs. Secondly, our speed is a huge asset simply because time is money. We often “hog out” parts from thick and heavy material to cut down time on our partners larger more complicated machines. Profile cutting materials means they are getting done faster on our machines while leaving yours open for more important work. Third, and most important is our attention to detail and customer service. We will double check every drawing and work with you to make your deadlines a reality because we really do care!

Waterjet has a number of different benefits when looking at creating parts for fabrication. When used as the primary process, waterjet can make the secondary fabrication easy due to its cold cutting process. You can find our more about our waterjet and how it works here!