Working with Metal Fabrication Machine shops

Our network of partner machine shops often find great value in “hogging out” or cutting down larger pieces of material to help cut down the manufacturing times on in house machines.

One of the reasons waterjet is great for different parts is explained through its versatility. VYKAN specializes in cutting stainless steel fabricationcopper fabricationbrass fabricationaluminum fabrication and more!

Parts used for Fabricating with waterjet has benefits!

Waterjet has a number of different benefits when looking at creating parts for fabrication. When used as the primary process, waterjet can make the secondary fabrication easy due to its cold cutting process. You can find our more about how this works here!

Waterjet Drafting Practices for Fabrication

Metal fabrication can sometimes have some complicated drafting. Combined this with timely set ups, and project budget can get eaten up pretty quickly. Machine shops that utilize waterjet can limit these set up times and quickly switch jobs and materials. Find out more about our machine shop here!

VYKAN has made the extra effort in transferring any files that our clients need to convert! 



Handling Heavy Material

Handling heavy metal materials is no joke, and we take it seriously. We can handle up to 5″ thick in material on our current set up. We are experts at handing heavy materials in unique ways. Meaning we can create and set up jigs for jobs that include cylindrical parts. The ability to manipulate the waterjet head without needing robotics helps to keep our quote prices reasonable.

Industry Specific Products

Our ability to work with highly skilled engineers is one of our biggest strengths. We service a variety of clients across North America and we are centrally located near the U.S. Canada border, just off the QEW in Niagara!

Industries Served

VYKAN is proud of our versatility. This explains our ability to work in such a variety of different industries. We have enjoyed completing projects for mining, heavy construction, automotive, architectural, educational, industrial association, projects. Our shop loves working with driven private companies born from entrepreneurial spirit. We look forward to hearing about your next project.



Metal Fabrication

Metal fabrication and waterjet cutting go hand and hand. We work with clients and sometimes other in house or vendor approved machinery.This means, we get the job done right. We have had a variety of tools that include different metal fabrication process. VYKAN tries to make the metal fabrication process seamless. We will work with you and your designs from the quoting process right through to the delivery. We offer many in house solutions, but more importantly we partner with some of the best shops on Southern Ontario!

Bending, Drilling, Tapping, Finishing, Painting (Powder Coating Available)