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News & Updates
Waterjet News

Welcome to Vykan’s waterjet news update page! Here you will find expert articles on CNC cutting and manufacturing with an emphasis on waterjet cutting. With over 55,000 psi shooting through the cutting stream waterjet’s have some amazing capabilities that we are happy to explain! Thick, soft, hard, fragile we cut it all with our amazing waterjet! 

Information and Updates!

To get the best CNC cutting machine to meet your specific needs there is no doubt a learning curve in understanding what is available and what to use. Waterjet CNCs on their own have varying power and capabilities. If you looking into a plasma or laser cutting there are definitely some important considerations to weight when selecting part cutting. Things like kerf, heat distortion, edge quality, tolerance on profile, and part slag are just some of the options that vary from different CNC cutting, these variables even change from machine to machine in the same discipline.

Manufacturing Articles

See below for a list of articles cover materials, waterjet, and other CNC information! for more information on our company please visit our About us page here!

For some expert information for our younger visitors we would recommend visiting the Niagara Robotics website, a club that operates out of our shop and teaches local your about building and programming robots!