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Trade Secrets

Identifying Our Customers Pain Points

Gone are the days when a trade secret meant that you could keep a form of manufacturing proprietary in house. Over the years the internet of things has allowed for the manufacturing community to become a smaller more sharing group. Shops can partner to offer a level of technical ability that was previously achievable in larger facilities. Technical advancements in power of CNC cutting tools alone has opened the door for you to get jobs done at a very high level with a local footprint. The only downside to the rapid gains in technology is the gap of knowledge that is created in sourcing the right cutting methods. There is always a balance and things to consider when you are selecting your method, and sometimes and little knowledge can go a long way in saving time and money.

Building Trust Doesn’t Happen Overnight

This section of our website is dedicated to providing you and the other manufacturers or people interested in our craft, the insights into how we solve problems using CNC cutting and other forms of manufacturing. We want to give some value to our customers even before we work on a project together. The idea is to earn your business and trust by demonstrating and communicating where we see your pain points, and where these solutions can be found in cutting technologies.

Learn More About CNC cutting and Discover the Endless Possibilities!

Below you will find articles that demonstrate some of the common and unique problems seen in waterjet, plasma, and other forms of CNC cutting. Understanding the industry’s pain points is the start, showing the path to a solution is the ultimate goal. The old school mentality of closed doors and secrets isn’t a logical or sustainable way for manufacturing to continue to grow and resurge in our local communities. By sharing our knowledge and experience we hope to inspire other and especially the next generation to do the same.