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To get the best CNC cutting machine to meet your specific needs there is no doubt a learning curve in understanding what is available and what to use. Waterjet CNCs on their own have varying power and capabilities. If you looking into a plasma or laser cutting there are definitely some important considerations to weight when selecting part cutting. Things like kerf, heat distortion, edge quality, tolerance on profile, and part slag are just some of the options that vary from different CNC cutting, these variables even change from machine to machine in the same discipline.

Manufacturing Articles

See below for a list of articles cover materials, waterjet, and other CNC information! for more information on our company please visit our About us page here!

For some expert information for our younger visitors we would recommend visiting the Niagara Robotics website, a club that operates out of our shop and teaches local your about building and programming robots!

Get the Right Files to Your CNC Shop

Get the Right Files to Your CNC Shop Get the Right File to your CNC Shop While a lot of this may be common knowledge to those that are in the engineering industry, we often get a lot of questions regarding what type of digital files we like to use while cutting on our CNC

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AL component

Waterjet Shop with the Materials you Need!

Let’s find the Right Material Finding the right materials to stock for our growing client base is ever evolving as we grow and take on new challenges. Right from the start using waterjet opens a Pandora’s box of opportunity due to the unbelievable material versatility that a waterjet CNC can accomplish.  A CNC waterjet can

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waterjet copper

Waterjet & Copper

Waterjet & Copper   Some Facts About Copper Do you know the first metal that was every manipulated by man? It wasn’t silver, iron, or even gold. It was copper! The manipulation of metal hasn’t stopped since and copper has remained one of the most used metals in the industrial world. Copper is behind only

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waterjet split

Waterjet & Thick Materials

Cutting Thick Materials Do you ever look at thick metal on bridges, airplanes, mining components and wonder how did that thick, hard, giant part go from raw material to part? Well, there is a good chance that the material was cut using a CNC Waterjet Machine. Waterjet’s can cut: Marble Steel Plate Granite Stone Other

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waterjet cutting

Go with the FLOW

Waterjet CNC machine cutting 1 inch thick steel plate material. Waterjets like this one can work with a variety of different materials cutting with power and accuracy. Advantages to Waterjet Cutting When you are involved in manufacturing sometimes the world can be a complicated place. Sourcing the right methods for parts can often be at

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