Waterjet Job Shop

Our Waterjet

Vykan Operates a 50 hp, 55 000 psi Waterjet cutting system, currently we are running our machine to do custom jobs for specialised shops across Southern Ontario. We focus on helping businesses understand what a Waterjet is and what it can do to improve their bottom line.

What can you cut?

Waterjet machines can literally cut most any material into any shape. Abrasive sand materials are added to the water stream to increase cutting abilities. Often used for steel product and manufacturing Waterjet machines have a very wide range of uses. Have a material you need cut? Contact us today to find out if we can help!

Waterjet and different industries

Waterjet technology is one of the fastest growing machine shop technologies today because it lends itself to so many different industries. At Vykan we love being problem solvers, and we don't believe in limiting ourselves to only working with certain industry. We want to push the boundaries of Waterjet technology, and help to be the ones to discover new practical uses. Have a problem? Let's solve it together.

What is Waterjet?

Waterjet Technology is fastest growing method for cutting worldwide.

The reason for this growth is related to 3 simple concepts versatility, accuracy and accurate conversion of dxf files. Water jet technology has advantages that are simple and easy to see. Other advantages can be shown in unique capabilities and in numbers. In understanding the basic principles behind a water jet it will be easy to see why this is a successful concept that has a powerful benefits, that can help your business today!

Water Jet Cutting –  is our ability to take natural elements and control it with state of the art technology. What type of material can be cut with waterjets?

Waterjet technology takes ordinary tap water that is filtered through precise tubes using a high powered jet (55,000 PSI), this process alone is used to cut soft materials like Rubber, Foam, Plastic and Wood.

Need to cut something harder? No problem, we add abrasives that turn our jet into a high pressure liquid sandpaper. These small abrasive grains now give us the power to cut, Metals, Glass, and Composites.

 Waterjet Machine Shop in Niagara

Vykan is proud to be offering waterjet cutting to businesses across Southern Ontario. We can supply you with a accurate estimate on all DXF files. Have a unique material? We can probably cut it, lets try a test cut...

Vykan Waterjet Advantages Vs Other Cutting Methods

  1. Smooth Cutting Edge - Our machines can process steel so that it needs little to no additional processing, saving you additional manufacturing time.
  2. We DON'T Use Heat - Which means no negative effects are seen with our cold cutting process. No micro cracks, stress and hardened surfaces, dust, toxic gases or deformation. With no heat steel can keep its natural characteristics.
  3. Precision Cutting - This one is simple, we can make amazing details with water jet, our tolerance is 0.1mm!
  4. Versatility and Simplicity - A perfect combination for efficiency, great range with the same tool. You can cut different materials and shapes – from prototypes to serial production, no problem...

 Not sure if Waterjet is the right application for you?

Don't sweat it, our friendly sales team can help you understand if waterjet services will help your business. Chances are if you need something cut, we can help! Contact us HERE