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VYKAN is a proud Canadian company operating in the Greater Toronto Area. Opening our doors in 2017 VYKAN's main focus is supplying our customers with reliable waterjet cutting services. On our shop floor we operate a 50,000 PSI waterjet cutting system.

What can you cut with waterjet?

Machine shops that operate waterjets can literally cut any material into any shape. The process involves abrasive sand added to pressurized water to create one of the strongest cutting methods in the world. Waterjet machine shops are often admired for their versatility and ability to just different material for the same project. Set up on a waterjet can be so versatile, meaning that the machine can be cutting metal in the morning and plastic in the afternoon. Have a material you need cut? Contact us today to find out how we can help!

Waterjet and different industries

Manufacturers are understanding that waterjet can be a very useful tool. VYKAN works with clients in industries like Maritime, Construction, Aerospace, Mining and Metal, Automation, and more! We are very creative and open to taking on projects that others don't want to attempt.

At VYKAN want to push the boundaries of waterjet technology, the possibilities really are endless. Does your shop have a manufacturing problem? Lets see if waterjet can help!

What is a Waterjet Machine Shop?

In its most basic terms waterjet machine shops supply their customers with the ability to use their services to create parts. A waterjet machine uses high pressurized water combined with sand to cut through any material.  One of the biggest strengths a waterjet shop has is its versatility. Therefore, waterjet shop has the ability to get into a number of different industries and aid in the manufacturing process.

Waterjet Technology is fastest growing method for cutting worldwide.

Waterjet technology is actually a simple process of pressurizing a water stream through a very small nozzle. Once the water is shot through this small orifice. After that it creates a very high PSI resulting in a waterjet stream. In most cases waterjet machines will use and intensifier to help get PSI levels to 50,000 - 90,000! The high pressured water is then combined with abrasives (fine grit sand) this results in one the most powerful cutting methods on the planet. Check out some of our heavy metal fabrication projects here! 


 Waterjet Machine Shop in Niagara

Vykan is a proud machine shop offering waterjet machining capabilities to businesses across Southern Ontario. Our growing knowledge of waterjet and its capabilities is helping to service our growing client list in the GTA. We have the added benefit of our local  manufacturing sector in Niagara and its close proximity to the US border. A great local resource, the Niagara Industrial Association has been a major boost to our company. The NIA as an association they do an amazing job of bringing together the industrial community and allowing business to form important partnerships. Manufacturing RFQs that come across our desk can range from clear poly-carbonate guards all the way to 2 inch thick steel plate wrenches.

Waterjet Advantages Vs Other Cutting Methods

  1. Smooth Cutting Edge - Our machines can process steel so that it needs little to no additional processing, saving you additional manufacturing time.
  2. We DON'T Use Heat - Which means no negative effects are seen with our cold cutting process. No micro cracks, stress and hardened surfaces, dust, toxic gases or deformation. With no heat steel can keep its natural characteristics.
  3. Precision Cutting - This one is simple, we can make amazing details with water jet, our tolerance is 0.2mm!
  4. Versatility and Simplicity - A perfect combination for efficiency, great range with the same tool. You can cut different materials and shapes – from prototypes to serial production, no problem...

 Not sure if Waterjet is the right application for you?

Don't sweat it, our friendly sales team can help you understand if waterjet services will help your business. Chances are if you need something cut, we can help! Contact us HERE.