Waterjet Cutting

What is Waterjet Technology

For a waterjet machine shop technology is one of our most important assets. But to explain the technology its actually a simple process of pressurizing a water stream through a very small nozzle. After that it creates a very high PSI resulting in a waterjet stream. In most cases waterjet machines will use and intensifier to help get PSI levels to 50,000 – 90,000! The high pressured water is then combined with abrasives (fine grit sand) this results in one the most powerful cutting methods on the planet. Check out some of our heavy metal fabrication projects here

Benefits of Waterjet Cutting

Waterjet's Versatility in Materials

Waterjet’s work with a variety of different materials on any given day. Products range from delicate materials like glass, all the way to heavy duty industrial materials like 4 inch thick plate steel. If you are interested in using water jet as a potential solution, let us show you if this amazing technology makes sense for your business.

We stock a variety of different materials to help our customers on a regular basis, ranging from different gauges of: copper, stainless steel, aluminum, poly carbonates, plastics, steel, and different metals. Need help choosing the right material? We will gladly recommend and supply whatever you need, leads times will vary.

Waterjet Advantages over Plasma

  1. Smooth Cutting Edge – Our machines can process steel so that it needs little to no additional processing, saving you additional manufacturing time.
  2. We DON’T Use Heat – Which means no negative effects are seen with our cold cutting process. No micro cracks, stress and hardened surfaces, dust, toxic gases or deformation. With no heat steel can keep its natural characteristics.
  3. Precision Cutting – This one is simple, we can make amazing details with water jet, our tolerance is 0.2mm!
  4. Versatility and Simplicity – A perfect combination for efficiency, great range with the same tool. You can cut different materials and shapes – from prototypes to serial production, we do it all!