Parts Production – Any Material Anytime.

Parts Production - Any Material Anytime.

Looking for Waterjet Parts ?

We work with a variety of different industries that require specialized cutting services. We are currently serving clients in the heavy constructions, shipping, mining, machines shops, contractors and more!

 Waterjet Parts Production is Easy with Vykan!

Waterjet cut parts can be very versatile and need very little secondary processing. When looking at manufacturing parts with waterjet machines advantages can be seen with thicker materials, Parts that need smooth edges, as well as metal that can be easily warped when cut with heat.

We often cut Steel, Stainess Steel, Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Plastic, Stone, Rubber, Glass, and More! Check out our galleries below!


Vykan Waterjet

Cut Thick Metal

Combining 55 000 psi with abrasives means that our CNC machine can handle some tough jobs that require cutting through thick metal.

Our machine is capable of cutting up to 4" thick!

We combine our expert ability to move large heavy material and cut in to within strict tolerances.

We work on getting our customers what they need with fast turn around!

Copper Cutting

Copper has become one of our favorite materials to work with. The color and the feel after processing of the waterjet is unique from all other materials we use.

We are often using copper in the power industry, or for architects that want to give a unique look and feel.

Looking to use copper? We stock different sizes and we can get virtually any thickness. Give us a call!

Steel Parts

There are many benefits to cutting steel parts using waterjet technology. Using the cold cutting process of waterjet, edges will always see a smoother edge that is unaffected by heat, meaning there is less chance of warping. Our team of engineers and designers will review your part and prepare for a sample or production. We cut a large amount of steel so we often carry standard gauges.

Chances are we can turn your steel project around fast!

We can give fast and easy quotes if you can supply us with a file that is compatible with CAD programming.


Aluminum Parts

Aluminum is one of our favorite materials to work with, we cut alot of aluminum for our clients due to its light weight and durability.

Advantages to cutting Aluminum with waterjet includes no warping, and smooth edges. This type of cutting is a 'cold cutting' process, meaning that we use force and abrasives (sand) to create strength. By not using heat we can eliminate warping and harsh edges making secondary processing and end use much easier.

We stock different gauges of aluminum for our clients, we a .dxf file we can often have a quote for your part same day!

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is another popular material for cutting in a waterjet machine.

We use a lot of 304 and 316 grade stainless because of its strength, durability, look and function.

Our in house tumbler also allow us to give products a smooth burr free finish.



Unique Materials

We  love when our clients come to us with unique materials, just like this manufacturing client who needed corrugated carbon fiber cut for a specialized project.

From carbon fibre all the way to sea shells, waterjet can be the solution to your cutting problem.

We are always willing to test your materials to see if waterjet cutting is the right application for YOUR job!

Rubber & Plastics

Waterjet machines are very versatile when it comes to materials, while we do specialize in creating high quality steel and metal parts, we also specialize in other materials

We are extremely efficient at cutting different plastics and rubbers due to the cold cut not melting and materials.

If your cutting a poly carbonate, UHMW or anything else we can make it easy, we supply material and cutting under one roof!