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Let our team of experts guide you through our capabilities and the options available for fabrication. We have a growing list of capabilities along with a experienced teams to guide you through the process. 



Waterjet cutting technology has come along way in a short period of time. With an amazing range and low amount of set up time it could be the ideal way to fabricate your next project.

• 4 by 8 ft cutting bed • Over 50,000 psi cutting stream• Abrasive cutting (sand)• Can cut virtually any material• Cold cutting process (no heat used)• Smooth edge finish


X Def Plasma

Plasma cutting is one of the most used ways to fabricate steel fast. Our industry leading system assembled by Messer is powered by Hypertherm and boast a number of great capabilities.

• 5 by 10 ft cutting bed• Can cut steel, aluminum, & stainless steel up to 2” inches in thickness.
• Positioning speed of 1300 IPM reduces idle time between cuts.• Reliable height control via arc-voltage control improves cut quality.



Welding is a undervalued trade in todays manufacturing world. Welding is the glue that holds the project together, we can offer welding for mild steel, aluminum, and stainless steel.

Metal & Plastic Bending


New Addition

Bending can be a critical element to any fabrication project. We have in house capabilities as well as a network of some of the best heavy benders in the industry. 


Custom Fabrication Projects

Contact us today

Tie all of our services together and we are a fully capable fabrication shop. If you are looking for assembly, we can help! Please include all information so our estimating team can show you are abilities.

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