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Waterjet Cutting

Discover the power of waterjet

Waterjet cutting technology has come along way in a short period of time. With an amazing range and low amount of set up time it could be the ideal way to fabricate your next project.

• 4 by 8 ft cutting bed • Over 50,000 psi cutting stream• Abrasive cutting (sand)• Can cut virtually any material• Cold cutting process (no heat used)• Smooth edge finish


X Def Plasma Cutting

Cut Steel Faster

Plasma cutting is one of the most used ways to fabricate steel fast. Our industry leading system assembled by Messer is powered by Hypertherm and boast a number of great capabilities.


• 5 by 10 ft cutting bed• Can cut steel, aluminum, & stainless steel up to 2” inches in thickness.
• Positioning speed of 1300 IPM reduces idle time between cuts.• Reliable height control via arc-voltage control improves cut quality.



Finish Your Project Right

Welding Increasingly important trade for not only our shop by the entire trades sector. Welding is the glue that holds the project together, we can offer welding for mild steel, aluminum, and stainless steel.


Metal & Plastic Bending

New Addition

Bending can be a critical element to any fabrication project. We have in house capabilities as well as a network of some of the best heavy bender in the industry. 


Custom Fabrication Projects

Contact us today

Tie all of our services together and we are a fully capable fabrication shop. If you are looking for assembly, we can help! Please include all information so our estimating team can show you are abilities.

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