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Materials We Offer 

Driven by Success

At Vykan Manufacturing, we have the material you need! We stock hard alloys all the way to rubber. Need a material don't hesitate to contact us we work with the world best suppliers.



Fabricate Aluminum Today!

We stock a variety of option in aluminum. We offer a number of manufacturing processes on AL including waterjet cutting up up 4” thick, while our plasma cutter can run up to 2” thickness at a much higher cutting speed.


Stainless Steel

Quality Materials

Our inventory will usually vary on stainless steel but we often carry different thicknesses of 316, or 304. We can also source brushed stainless which will allow parts to come out as a finished product in some cases.


Steel Plate to Thin Gauge Sheet

Featured Item

With a variety of steel processing capabilities we will make sure to find the right process for the job. Our plasma system can cut at high speeds while our waterjet can cut over 4” inches of material while maintaining tolerance. Depending on part specification we will find the best method at the best price.

copper bent.jpg

Exotic Metals

New Addition

We often have custom requests to cut more exotic metals like copper, brass, titanium, silver, and more. Waterjet technology is a cold cutting process that leaves parts with a near or complete finish. While we don’t always stock the materials we have experience sourcing from leading vendors. If you already have it in hand we will always cut customer supplied materials!


Hard Alloys

Understand The Power and Precision 

Waterjet technology has an advantage when cutting harder materials. The cutting speed made need to slow down but the end result of products like the one pictured. Inconel is a good example of a hard allow that can be cut to tolerance with a smooth finished edge.


Plastics & Rubber

Waterjet is a Versatile Tool 

We work closely with some of the leading plastic and rubber manufacturers in the region. We can source a wide variety of materials often with stock on common polycarbonates, and UHMW materials.


Glass & Tile

Cut With Fine Detail

Some of the more delicate jobs that we handle involve glass and tile. With the obvious brittleness of material we often source a little extra and handle with care! Our waterjet can accomplish some amazing inlay designs for tiles companies as well as stain glass projects for attics and furniture makers.



Cut Any Wood

Most of our wood cutting projects are materials supplied to us by our customers. Waterjet gives a unique edge finish and can cut very custom designs. It’s also a great way to cut a design into thick wood.



Cut Marble, Granite, Quartz, Concrete and More

We can cut any type of stone down to shape. We have done unique designs in marble granite, limestone and more!

Featured Material: Corten Steel

Get a beautiful look that lasts!

Weathered steel also known as 'Corten' steel is a unique way to add a natural design element to any project. The composition of our steel sheets allow for a layer of rust to form without altering the strength of the material.

We are a complete supplier of corten steel dealing with raw sheets and custom sizes.

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