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Material / Parts Finishing

Every component deserves a flawless finish and it is a very important part of manufacturing. Depending on the industry and the application proper finishing can be a critical make or break process. Regardless of if we are finishing your project in house or sending it out to a trusted vendor you can be sure that your parts are getting finished with a attention to detail and vigorous quality assurance. All finishing capabilities were taken on as a compliment to waterjet, and plasma part cutting services. Creating a one stop shop and easier purchasing.

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Powder Coating

A process available for metal finishing, powder coating is a form of painting that coats and bakes at a high temperature to 'cure' the coating. Powder coating is a popular form of finishing because it gives a sharp look and protects against rust and other forms of wear.



A process that is best suited for aluminum but can also be used with other non ferrous metals. Anodizing is the process of dipping the material in acid to send an electric current through the material. This makes for a unique finish customizable in a number of surprising ways. The process can be better explained here.


Brushed Stainless

Brushed stainless gives raw stainless a brighter and more desirable look. The finishing look is created by creating friction with a fine bristled brush to the desired look.

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Polished Stainless

Polished stainless steel is a finish that unlike brushed has a very smooth surface. Polishing stainless will give a shiny look and be more resistant to corrosion. Find our more about the differences here. 


Sand Blasting / Grinding

Two finishing methods that are basic for most industrial shops. We use these finishing methods on raw industrial parts where rough finishes are acceptable or as a precursor to other finishing methods. Both are also great tools for removing rough edges (burs) off any parts.



We use some of the best vendors in Ontario to assist us in our plating orders. We offer plating like Nickel, Gold, Silver, Tin, Zinc, Copper, and more.

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